Our dynamic, dedicated team combines years of experience with  thorough knowledge of European and Asian markets; we are senior level managers, both European and Asian, highly experienced on both these markets, primarily  in operations, sourcing, supply chain management, supplier quality, and logistics.

We have many years of experience sourcing on Asian markets as well as excellent contacts among the manufacturers throughout this region, based not only on our past business, but primarily on personal relationships built and nurtured over the years. Without such personal relationships, doing business on this market is very difficult, risky, and often – not viable. Our experienced and well connected partners and/or associates are well experienced in sourcing Asian goods for the European manufacturing industry.

Our partners are former upper management in various European and multinational manufacturing and consulting companies. We are extremely well connected in the Central European manufacturing community. In fact, we have few customers or suppliers whom we haven’t known personally for years. Most of our business is based on maintaining very close relationships both with the customers and the suppliers.