Today’s fast paced business, powered by the growing speed of technological growth, requires the manufacturers and distributors to keep continuously fine tuning their supply chain, in order to be always able to meet their customer’s endlessly  changing requirements.

Roughly 70% of today’s manufacturing activity takes place in Asia. Scores of new suppliers sprout up virtually every day. Throughout Asia there are as well thousands of distributors, agents, and logistics service providers. All these companies, in dynamically changing combinations, adjust themselves for the best fit into the continuously evolving global industrial supply chain, causing the market to become fragmented, highly specialized and increasingly competitive. This is where we come in to help you navigate this maze.

  • For your ongoing manufacturing supply – we can find new suppliers and bring down your cost of purchasing materials, components and parts;
  • New project implementations – we can organize design and development and find suppliers of your needed parts and components;
  • Supply chain logistics – we can assist your logistics and supply personnel or take over on your behalf the entire supply chain management for the goods we procur for you;
  • Supply and delivery quality (SQA) – we can assist your quality department or take over on your behalf the entire SQA management for the goods we procur for you;
  • Supplier auditing, market research, Asian trading contact discovery.
  • Seasoned professionals with extensive experience in trading with Far East, thorough knowledge of markets and cultures of the region’s countries, a large network of contacts with the region’s companies;
  • Fast response to your queries;
  • Selection and verification of suppliers; auditing selected suppliers;
  • Managing communications; assistance with contract negotiations; assistance with supply terms negotiations;
  • Organization of shipping, transportation and customs from the supplier’s yard to your factory;
  • Comprehensive contract fulfillment management (e.g., complaints, queries, RFQs, technical changes, spec development and changes, etc.);
  • Continuous monitoring of prices, opportunities, availability of suppliers, ensuring a systemic improvement process of supply cost optimization;