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smd b2b solutions is a sourcing and logistics provider to Central European small and medium sized manufacturing companies. We source production components and materials in Asia and provide procurement and logistics services to the European business-to-business (B2B) market. We service the manufacturing industry, sourcing primarily electronics, electromechanical and mechanical components, metal parts and subassemblies, lighting, and rubber industry components. We help reduce our customers’ materials costs and/or help manage their Asian supply base, offering alternative, less costly sources of production materials; we work as well with our customers’ current Asian suppliers, in order to achieve materials cost savings.

We have a large, verified supply base in Asia, available for immediate cooperation; but if requested or necessary, thanks to our extensive experience and wide contacts on the Asian markets, we also search for, audit, and qualify new suppliers in most Asian manufacturing supply industries quickly and efficiently.

We have a verified supplier base to support a number of auxiliary services, such as design and engineering of new components, as well as a comprehensive range of logistics services from the source to the customer, including supplier quality management.

What we do

We will help you design, make and import materials and components for production to Poland.

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Responsive image We search for, audit and validate suppliers from China and other Asian countries...
Responsive image Electronics and other production components imported from China and other Asian countries...
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Our team

We are a team of dedicated managers and professionals with years of experience in Purchasing, Supplier Management, Quality and Logistics
Marek Siciński


+ 48 881 726 125

    Adam Morawski


    +48 602 503 939

      Paulina Kajewska


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        If you want to save on the cost of materials, if you are looking for new suppliers of specific materials, parts or production components or if you are an Asian supplier, interested in selling your products to European manufacturing companies, please contact us by filling in the form below:
        ul. Sienkiewicza 55A, lok.66 15-002 Białystok, Poland
        E-mail: adam@smdb2b.sg Phone: (+48) 602 503 939